The Earth Rehabilitation Program

The ERP has 4 major components:

1. Abundant Clean Energy
2. Abundant Clean Air
3. Abundant Clean Water
4. Abundant Clean Food

What is this about? This is about *the next generation of planet Earth*.

It will not be a steady transition from this current Earth to the Earth I have in mind, because the ego-based systems currently in place, which are destroying our environment, cannot be simply dismantled. They will continue until it is impossible for them to continue any further. But anyway, I don’t want to dwell on that. The point is – we will eventually reach a time when we will /have/ to change the way we live, because our current way is unsustainable.

Let’s think about these questions: How would an intelligent species correctly organise their planet? How do the more advanced beings in our galaxy manage their planets and populations?

In order to optimise the function of the human family, which forms the brain of Earth, we need to ensure its health. Humans are part of an ecosystem, intertwined with hundreds of thousands of other species; thus to ensure its optimal health, we need to optimise the health of the planetary environment.

I think the 4 aspects of the Earth Rehabilitation Program is a good place to start. If the people of Earth have access to abundant clean energy, air, water and food, then almost all stress and fear will disappear from the planet, including all hunger, disease and dysfunctional thinking. With our thoughts we create the world (as Buddha said) therefore we need to be thinking clearly, and this happens when our health is good.

So: good environment = good human health = good human thinking = smarter decisions = better quality of life, peace, friendliness, confidence, happiness, freedom, strength, power, becoming a space-faring civilisation, flying cars, etc.

1. Abundant Clean Energy

This can be achieved by creating a global network of renewable energy production facilities, as envisaged by Buckminster Fuller and Peter Meisen, creators of the Global Energy Network Institute. It is known that geothermal energy can provide baseline power, and that this can be further supplemented by wave, tidal, wind, and ground and space-based solar energy. By creating energy production installations in the optimal places around the world (basically mining the planet for the best locations to “harvest” various kinds of energy) and connecting these in an international grid, we will have a great abundance of clean energy, everywhere in the world.

What will this achieve? For starters, it will greatly reduce the amount of pollution caused by oil, coal and nuclear energy production. Note what these all have in common: they all require material *fuel*, which means (a) they are not renewable, and (b) they are much more profitable. Secondly, an abundant supply of energy to all the world will **significantly** increase the standard of living of everyone in the world, not just people in so-called third world countries, but everyone. It will also connect us all into one global civilisation in a similar way that the internet has.

In my opinion, going “off grid” is not the answer, because the goal is not to separate from each other. What we need is to take the existing grid and *use it and develop it more intelligently*.

2. Abundant Clean Air

This will stabilise our climate. The issue of global warming is much more complicated than the story presented by the corporate-controlled media, and is not only related to carbon dioxide levels. This is a deliberate over-simplification of the climate problem designed to divert people’s attention and enable the polluting industries who pull the strings of government to keep right on doing what they’re doing.

Climate change is caused by pollution of many kinds in the air, including carbon dioxide, methane, sulphurous compounds, nitrous compounds, chloroflurocarbons and perflurocarbons. These chemicals disrupt the many different temperature layers in the atmosphere, which causes both global warming and cooling. This produces extreme weather, melting of polar ice caps, droughts, disrupted ecosystems, species migration, species loss, etc.

How do we create abundant clean air? **A global tree-planting program.** Plant millions of trees, everywhere on the planet they can possibly grow.

Trees clean the air! Trees remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by absorbing it into their bodies via the process of photosynthesis, and also reduce or eliminate many other chemicals, dust, pollen and particulates.

Photosynthesis reaction: carbon dioxide + water -> carbohydrates + oxygen

Trees are made from carbohydrates, the oxygen goes into the air – replacing the carbon dioxide.

The reason why a global tree-planting program (including ceasing all logging of old-growth forest and jungle) is such a good idea is not only because it will clean the atmosphere more effectively than anything else we could possibly do, but because of the numerous other /enormous/ benefits that would come with it:
– a vast increase in natural food supplies and medicines for animals and humans
– a vast increase in animal populations
– decreased wind speeds; trees form a natural windbreak
– cleaner fresh water sources, as trees also clean groundwater and waterways
– less erosion – trees hold the land in place
– increased rain – trees draw rain down from the clouds.

A global tree-planting program will go a long way towards abundant clean water and food, and will reverse desertification, globally. This is called “geoengineering” – we will be directing the development and improvement of the global biosphere, atmosphere and hydrosphere.

3. Abundant Clean Water

Water is the most fundamental human need after air. The main difference is that almost everyone in the world has access to breathable air. However, half the world’s population does not have ready access to drinkable water. *Half*. How embarrassing! How can a species consider itself intelligent when it has a planet three-quarters covered in water, yet half the population doesn’t have drinkable water? Sometimes I think that other species in the galaxy must look at Earth and think we are the biggest muppets God ever created.

Water is the basic requirement of life. It’s what we look for on Mars and other worlds to get clues about whether there is also life there. If we value life, we **must** learn to properly value, protect, and manage water.

Okay, so how do we solve this? Having abundant clean air will help, as less pollution in the air will reduce pollution in the water also. Planting millions of trees, especially near fresh water, will greatly improve the quality of natural sources of water.

An abundant supply of clean energy will also contribute significantly to abundant clean water, because the energy can be used to power pumps, and water purification and recycling systems. The latest wave energy technology produces clean energy /and/ clean water, harnessing wave energy to desalinate seawater. We have the technology, folks!

Other great solutions have emerged such as the LifeSaver water bottle which can remove all bacteria and viruses from up to 6000 litres of water with one filter cartridge and costs about half a cent per day to operate. In my opinion this device should be immediately manufactured in large quantities and distributed everywhere in the world that safe, drinkable water is not readily available. There is also the simple, cheap and effective solution developed by Abundant Water, i.e. water filters made from readily-available clay.

We need more pumps, more wells and more water tanks. We also need more big holes dug to capture rain, restore groundwater and cause trees to grow (this is what Project Blue Alternative does). We don’t need dams, which cause more problems than they solve.

Another solution is extracting water from air. Our atmosphere contains water vapour, which can be collected to provide fresh, drinkable water, and a wind-powered device has recently been invented to achieve just this – the Whisson Windmill. This is another device that should be manufactured in massive quantity and distributed to all those communities that need it.

As soon as everyone has access to abundant clean water, the sooner everyone will start feeling better and thinking better. Solving this one problem will have a major, major, major effect on the human population, and apparently it could be done for $20 billion or less. That’s pocket change compared with corporate research and military budgets.

4. Abundant Clean Food

Once we have abundant clean energy, air and water, we will be well on the way to having abundant clean food also, from natural sources as well as farms.

In my opinion, no-one should ever have to pay for food.

If you want a truly happy and peaceful planet, everyone must have access to all the high-quality food they require. This will greatly reduce stress, increase world peace, improve the health, strength and effectiveness of the population, almost completely eliminate the need for health care, and improve the quality of thinking and mood of everyone on the planet.

I’m not talking about processed food, but rather, the /optimal/ foods for humans, which in my honest opinion (after 20 years of studying nutrition), is *organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds*. This is what I mean by “clean food”, and humans do not really need anything else in the way of sustenance.

How to do it? The key is technology, specifically: the internet and robotics. We have only seen the early stages of the internet revolution, and barely glimpsed the looming robotics revolution, but these areas of technology will totally transform life on Earth during the 21st century.

The first thing to do is connect all the existing organic farms to a web-based application, which they use to record everything about their farm, including the types of crops planted and when, when they expect each crop to be harvested, what quantities they have in stock, or expect to harvest, expenses, transport options, etc.

Data about world food needs is also entered into the web-based application, so it has real-time information about the short-fall or surplus in food supply at every human settlement in the world. Another type of information entered into the system will be everything about the trucks, planes, boats, trains, etc. that the system has access to for the purposes of food distribution.

The computer program takes all the information about current and expected food stores, all the information about world food needs, and all the information it has about the available vehicles. From that information it does a few sums, and generates a continuous stream of instructions. These instructions are for the vehicles, telling them where to go, what to pick up, and where to carry it.  There’s nothing hard about this.  Google and NASA run more complex algorithms than this every minute of the day.

The computer program will organise the vehicles in the most optimal way, so that each vehicle is empty for the least amount of time. Whenever they drop some food off, they go somewhere nearby to pick up some more.

This idea will involve planting a lot of new organic fruit and vegetable farms as well, however this will be much easier and much more successful with clean air and water.


To create anything, the main thing we need is the *intention*. This universe is a creation of the mind, and it’s true that we create the world with our thoughts. Just by thinking about this idea and how to make it real will help to make it come true. We can totally change our planet to something amazing and beautiful by starting with an idea and giving our imaginations to it, so that it grows and becomes something real. As it grows we will believe it more and more, and more people will believe in it, which will cause it to manifest faster and faster.

We can have a world with no borders, where people can travel wherever they want (including into space), where there is plenty of food, water and friendly people wherever you go, where there are plenty of trees, flowers, birds and all kinds of animals everywhere you go, where the water from lakes, rivers and streams is crystal clear and beautiful to drink and where the air is fresh and delicious everywhere. It’s totally possibly and realistic, and to be honest it’s not even that difficult, considering our current technology and human resources. By far the hardest thing about implementing this idea is convincing the people that this kind of world is possible, and that they deserve it and have the power to create it!

All people and other living things are connected at the level of the subconscious mind, and also connected physically by the planet. It doesn’t matter about what it costs – the more people that believe in this kind of world, the more Earth will automatically shift in that direction.


I like to read, write, teach, travel, code, lift weights, play music, listen to music, make things out of wood, watch scifi movies, and play board games and computer games. My interests are broad, spanning science, engineering, architecture, technology, nutrition, environment, psychology, health, fitness, finance, business, and economics, but my main passions are spirituality, space settlement, and veganism. My ambition is to be a successful writer and speaker, and to create a company to produce awesome science fiction books, movies, and games that inspire people about the future. Eventually, I would also like to create vegan cafes and urban farms.

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