Business plans

The goal of this blog post is to list some goals and plans for business and myself, for the next few decades. To set an intention, if you will.

1. Astro Multimedia

There are several main product ideas:
a) This is the current main focus. The goal is 1 million members and real space missions.

b) MMORPGs based in the Solar System, designed to spread a fun, positive and exciting vision of a space-faring humanity. Two games are currently planned:

i) A near-term, economic, Solar System settlement game in which the players build bases primarily on the Moon, Mars and perhaps elsewhere in the inner Solar System, using current or near-term technologies.

ii) A futuristic fantasy sci-fi game set 150-200 years in the future, when Mars is being or has been terraformed; flying saucers, extra-terrestrials and sentient machines are commonplace; and the Galactic Federation is at war with the Reptilian Alliance.

c) A series of 3d-animated science fiction movies based on the events that unfold in the afore-mentioned game. In other words, the star players will become characters in the movies.

2. Mars University (

This is a clicks-and-bricks worldwide space-oriented STEM school for people of all ages, designed to prepare and empower the space generation. It will be the primary research and educational arm of my business, with a high-tech campus on every continent, including Antarctica, where it will lead development of the ICE (Institute for Colonisation and Exploration). ICE is an Moon/Mars settlement analog to be built in the Antarctic Dry Valleys.

3. Land development company (

The goal here is to build a software and business system that strategically improves Earth. Initially our main function will simply be to find and buy the cheapest land available anywhere on the planet, and improve it. Our initial primary goal for the land we obtain control of is land rehabilitation (reversal of desertification), increase of wildlife population, and eliminating pollution. Where suitable, developments may include the creation of high-tech, sustainable communities (ecovillages, eco-towns, eco-cities, whatever you want to call them). This will simultaneously satisfy housing requirements while also producing income from the properties. This company has a long view; the intention is not to buy/develop/sell, but to buy/hold/lease and to methodically increase land holdings over many centuries.

4. Worldwide chain of healthy restaurants and fitness/healing centres.

The restaurants are designed to be somewhat similar to McDonalds and the like (systemised, ubiquitous and cheap) but to displace them by providing a preferable alternative. This simply leverages a current trend towards healthy living.

Our healing and fitness centres will take advantage of the latest research in psychology, nutrition, health and fitness, and make it as easy and turn-key as possible for people to get healthy on every level: spiritual, emotional and physical. The restaurants, healing and fitness centres, and the online community, will all be fully integrated.

The restaurants will serve only organic food. People order customised meals using a touchscreen and/or voice commands, and they are served robotically. Calories and macronutrients are calculated and displayed for every meal. Our food will cater for even the strictest body-building diets.

If we serve meat or dairy (this is yet to be determined; a current area of research) then it will be organic, free-range, and 100% humane. What I think is more likely, however, is that synthetic protein will be cheaper, healthier, tastier and more popular by the time these restaurants are in operation. If necessary, we will manufacture our own 100% healthy and organic synthetic meat products.

As well as cutting-edge fitness and nutritional coaching, our healing and fitness centres will also leverage the latest developments in metaphysics, neural reprogramming and bioelectric field harmonisation to enable people to quickly and easily remove the emotional blockages that cause them to subconsciously self-sabotage their health, happiness and success.

Combined with Mars University and our high-tech sustainable accommodation solutions, our healing centres and restaurants will provide an complete end-to-end personal development and lifestyle system that will enable anyone from any level of health or education to become a strong, healthy, capable, empowered and high-functioning human.

5. Robotics.

Land development and construction are natural applications for robotics (printing and assembling houses, planting trees, etc.), plus Axon is designed to be suitable for robotics. Therefore, the first two major phases of my business plan will help to build up assets that we can leverage to create a dedicated robotics and AI company.

The emphasis of our robots will be construction, tree planting, mining, pollution clean-up, sorting waste, agriculture, transport and freight. This business will also include research into field propulsion for aerospace applications, and potentially also related emerging field energy technologies such as toroidal energy.

This company will therefore have departments not only in electronics, software and mechanical engineering, but also aerospace engineering and advanced physics. It will be fully integrated with research departments of Mars University.

6. Space settlement

Assuming that the previous phases of my business are successful, the capital and credibility should be available to make serious plans to construct settlements on the Moon and Mars. All the pieces should be in place by then:

a) will have delivered feasible plans.
b) We will have experience and assets in land development, construction, food production, robotics and aerospace.
c) We will have access to high-tech research facilities, and fit, educated people.
d) We will have large reserves of capital available.
e) We will have credibility in business and technology that can be leveraged to raise more capital and influence as required.

The plan is: Moon, then Mars. We build one base on the Moon designed to serve multiple needs: (1) science, engineering and technology development, (2) tourism and sport, (3) mining and manufacturing, and (4) to prepare for Mars. The Moon base will be combination Mars University campus, industrial park, and hotel.

Then we take everything we’ve learned and everything we have, and leverage it as effectively as possible to construct the first permanent human settlement on Mars. The emphasis for Mars will not be on tourism, but emigration. The goal will be to provide accommodation, educational facilities, technological infrastructure and business opportunities for the new Martians.

So, that’s basically it. That’s my plan for the next 50-100 years of life. I may not live to see it all through, but my intention is to create a dynasty. Unlike many billionaires who donate their assets to charity before they die, my plan is to find the right person, perhaps 30-40 years my junior (not necessarily one of my children, although that’s certainly possible), and train and inspire them to take on the goals spelled out here.


I like to read, write, teach, travel, code, lift weights, play music, listen to music, make things out of wood, watch scifi movies, and play board games and computer games. My interests are broad, spanning science, engineering, architecture, technology, nutrition, environment, psychology, health, fitness, finance, business, and economics, but my main passions are spirituality, space settlement, and veganism. My ambition is to be a successful writer and speaker, and to create a company to produce awesome science fiction books, movies, and games that inspire people about the future. Eventually, I would also like to create vegan cafes and urban farms.

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