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Blue Dragon

Introduction Many H2M (Humans to Mars) architectures have been proposed over the years. One of the most important of these was Mars Direct, principally because it introduced the concept of ISPP (In Situ Propellant Production) as a method for drastically

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Why “Tiw”?

“Tiw” is the old English name for the god Mars; or, at least, Tiw was the equivalent in Norse mythology of the Roman god Mars. Why not “Ares”? Firstly, so many programs and vehicles have been named “Ares” now, in both

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The Tiw Program

The Tiw program is the name of an ambitious H2M (Humans to Mars) program loosely based on the Apollo program, which I hope to develop and explain on this blog. See: Why “Tiw”? if you’re curious about the name. Here’s a mistake that

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ISRU in Mars Direct

The best-known example of ISRU for Mars was described in the mission architecture published in 1991 by Robert Zubrin and David Baker, called Mars Direct. Mars Direct triggered a revolutionary shift in the Mars community, being radically cheaper and simpler than

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In Situ Resource Utilisation

Apart from ECLSS (Environment Control and Life Support Systems) and space vehicles, ISRU is one of the most important capabilities we need to develop in order to settle Mars. “In Situ Resource Utilisation”, or “ISRU”, simply means using local resources.

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The Four Primary Stages of Mars Settlement

These are what I imagine to be the four primary stages of human settlement of Mars: Human exploration Establishment of permanent colonies and infrastructure Formation of a Martian society Terraforming Let’s briefly review each of these, before covering each in

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