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Energy on Mars, Part 2

Solar In the short term, solar energy is the simplest way to obtain energy on Mars, which is why we use solar panels on rovers such as Pathfinder, Spirit and Opportunity. Because Mars is farther from the Sun it receives

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Energy on Mars

In order to successfully colonise Mars we’ll need access to plenty of energy. On Earth, access to abundant fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) enabled the industrial revolution and continues to power human civilisation into the 21st century. Energy

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Microgravity, Artificial Gravity and Blue Dragon

One of the most hotly debated topics related to sending humans to Mars is the health effects of prolonged exposure to microgravity and how these might be mitigated. Prolonged exposure to microgravity (a.k.a. “zero gravity”) has several serious effects on

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Blue Dragon: Crew Selection

Crew size The Mars Semi-Direct and NASA DRA architectures specify a crew of six, although the Mars Direct and Mars-Oz architectures require only four. Although it may be possible that a smaller crew – even as small as 2 people,

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The Mars Surface Hab (MSH, or “the hab”)

The Mars Surface Habitat, or, more simply, “the hab”, is a custom-built piece of hardware designed to accommodate, ideally, a crew of 6 astronauts on the surface of Mars. It must therefore include cabins, common areas (kitchen/dining), laboratories and other

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Blue Dragon: Overview of Major Hardware Components

SpaceX Falcon 9 The Falcon 9 is a successful flight-tested rocket noted for being the rocket that enabled SpaceX to become the first commercial company to visit the ISS (International Space Station). A Falcon 9 can carry 13150kg to LEO (Low

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Blue Dragon: Architectural Overview

Here is an overview of the Blue Dragon mission architecture. This section refers to “Sagan”, the first base on Mars created through the Tiw Program. Note that Mars One may already have a base established by 2023 or thereabouts. It also

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Blue Dragon: Timing

Mission Profile There are fundamentally two options for an H2M (Humans to Mars) mission: Conjunction class or “short stay” mission. Opposition class or “long stay” mission. The option utilised by Blue Dragon is the long stay, using the same rationale

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