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I have just watched the Aaron Swartz documentary “The Internet’s Own Boy” (which I think is a great name). I never knew a lot about Aaron Swartz before his death, which is a shame, but I’m glad now that I do, because I feel very much inspired by his character and talent.

Aaron said, “What’s the most important thing you could be doing right now to make the world a better place? And if you aren’t working on it right now, why not?” I do strongly agree with this sentiment, and often question what I’m doing at any one moment to be sure that I’m using my talents as effectively as possible.

For me, space settlement has always been the great vision for how humanity can be transformed. Most people see space settlement as something very pie-in-the-sky, or science-fictiony, but I see it as something near term and something that is already happening. My passion is to influence this process, as positively as possible, through ideas, design and, perhaps, a certain degree of evangelism.

It’s not my only focus in terms of making the world a better place. I believe there are at least three main areas we as a species need to work on:

  1. a scientific understanding of love and spirituality
  2. space settlement
  3. health

Health is generally treated as far less important than it should be; almost an afterthought by people and governments. Economy, education, jobs, roads, etc., and, oh yeah, health. Even when thinking about health, most people think their only major consideration should be staying out of hospital, and governments think their only responsibility is to make sure there are functioning hospitals. But caring for your health should begin way, way before hospitals are any kind of consideration. A healthy body means a healthy mind, and vice-versa. When thinking properly, clearly, and positively, energy flows through the body cleanly, smoothly, and without interruption, and the result is perfect health. When thinking clearly we attract the things to us that we need to be healthy, as well as wealthy and wise. We should start with healthy thinking, which is to say, positive thinking. Always looking for that better-feeling thought, looking on the bright side, being optimistic and confident. This will lead us automatically towards a more healthful life.



I like to read, write, teach, travel, code, lift weights, play music, listen to music, make things out of wood, watch scifi movies, and play board games and computer games. My interests are broad, spanning science, engineering, architecture, technology, nutrition, environment, psychology, health, fitness, finance, business, and economics, but my main passions are spirituality, space settlement, and veganism. My ambition is to be a successful writer and speaker, and to create a company to produce awesome science fiction books, movies, and games that inspire people about the future. Eventually, I would also like to create vegan cafes and urban farms.

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