Upgrading Earth

One of the reasons for this blog is to capture some of the thoughts and ideas I have, related to evolution of humanity on Earth, as well as space. Space is still the main goal for the century, but there are many other things we need to do along the way.

Even though I’ve been thinking and talking about space settlement for about 17 years now, I realised that to just focus on purely this topic was not enough. The best-case scenario if I followed that path would be to become an academic or perhaps an employee of a space company, but this isn’t quite my dream. I’m a very independent person (I am a digital nomad, after all), and I aspire to achieving financial independence and complete freedom as early as possible. This will allow me to travel wherever I want, so I can hang with the people I want, attend the conferences and festivals I want, and hire engineers etc. to help me build the things I want.

Thus, it’s long been my goal to be an entrepreneur, as it’s my belief that entrepreneurs are among the people most empowered to make a real difference in the world, as I wish to do. (As an aside – I used to feel that engineers were the most empowered to change the world, and this was my aspiration for a long time, but my thoughts on this changed over the years as I observed people like Steve Jobs and Elon Musk having far-reaching impact; not because they were engineers, but because they were entrepreneurs and visionaries capable of organising hundreds of engineers around their vision.)

I’ve thus spent several years now (at least since 2007) developing business ideas that are aligned with my goal of human settlement of Mars. I see many aspects of human society that are in dire need of improvement, and I believe it’s possible to develop businesses that improve how we inhabit Earth, while also preparing us for Mars. In a sense, Mars is not far off – some estimates put the first humans on Mars in 10-20 years – but there are many steps along the way towards permanent human settlement.

Two of my other main passions are health and environment, so it’s no surprise that the business(es) I’m imagining incorporate these themes as well. In future blog posts I will endeavour to explain the core ideas of my plan, and how these might fit together into a sustainable process of human and interplanetary evolution.



I like to read, write, teach, travel, code, lift weights, play music, listen to music, make things out of wood, watch scifi movies, and play board games and computer games. My interests are broad, spanning science, engineering, architecture, technology, nutrition, environment, psychology, health, fitness, finance, business, and economics, but my main passions are spirituality, space settlement, and veganism. My ambition is to be a successful writer and speaker, and to create a company to produce awesome science fiction books, movies, and games that inspire people about the future. Eventually, I would also like to create vegan cafes and urban farms.

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One comment on “Upgrading Earth
  1. Elle Cadieux says:

    Good luck on your adventure


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