Board Game Production Resources

I’m creating this post purely as a place for links to various board game design and publishing resources.

About games

Board Game Geek — Board games reviews and forums.

RPG Now — Indie RPG games

Brisbane board game meetups and places

Brisbane Geek Social Club have regular board game meetups.

Netherworld have a ton of games (facebook).

Connexio Games Café in Albany Creek (facebook). Social game nights Thursdays 5–9pm.

Critical Mass games nights in Chermside and Indooroopilly.

Board game design

Design Tip of the Week

Game design concepts course


Board game kickstarter lessons

Facade Games kickstarter advice


Facade Games — How to publish a board game


Whatz Games — for mass production, in China.

The Game Crafter — good for prototyping except they’re in the US.

Make Playing Cards — custom playing cards. US, need Aust. equivalent.

3d Hubs — 3d printed plastic gaming pieces, etc. US, need Aust. equivalent.

HiTech 3D — 3d manufacturing in Brisbane

Board game success inspiration

Reddit links


Board Game Design Lab





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