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Hi 🙂

I’m a writer, speaker, teacher, space settlement researcher, computer scientist, web developer, and investor. I was born in Melbourne, but I’ve lived most of my life in southeast Queensland (Sunshine Coast and Brisbane).

My interests include space settlement, planetary engineering, mental and physical health, fitness, veganism, animal welfare, environment, music, travel, finance, economics, and photography.

I’m currently writing my third book, a rather long, non-fiction work called “Becoming Multiplanetary”. It’s all about settlement of Mars, focussing mainly on how we can build the first city. I hope to have some new books to share with you soon, including non-fiction and science fiction.

I really love teaching and I used to teach maths, science, and computing. I’m a qualified personal trainer and provide advice about fitness and mental health.

I’m fairly introverted (INFJ) as well as nomadic, and I’ve never had a long-term relationship. But I’m certainly open to it. I’m looking forward to building my own sustainable, steel-frame, smart home, probably in or near Brisbane, my favourite city.

I also love acting, and have been on stage in several amateur theatre productions, and in several short films. My extremely brief IMDB page.


My most recent book was published in 2015 and is called The International Mars Research Station. You can read it online for free, or you can buy a printed copy. In 2014 I gave a TEDx talk about this idea. The original architecture that I designed, which preceded the IMRS book, was called Blue Dragon; you can read it here.

My friend and legend space writer Leonard David kindly reviewed my book here.

Reddit discussion about the book.

I’m a member of the Space Development Steering Committee. They published a brief article about my book.

My first book is about science and spirituality, and is called Practical Metaphysics. You can download it for free or buy a print version.

Here are my author pages on Amazon and Goodreads.

I’ve also thought about rotating space stations, built in free space or from asteroids. Here, my friend Frans Blok references an idea I developed for turning the asteroid 16 Psyche into a space station.

Papers, presentations, and interviews

In 2006 I wrote two papers, which I presented at the Mars Society convention in Washington, DC. They were:

I’ve been interviewed about Mars by ABC radio 3 times.

Slashdot interview from 2015.

Several other presentations and interviews about Mars settlement can be found at my YouTube channel.

In 2017 I was invited to speak at the Mars Summit in Bangalore, India. During that trip I was able to visit numerous schools and universities in south India, to give presentations about settling Mars, and answer questions from students. Here is an article from that trip plus a couple of minor mentions here, here and here. In this video you can see me introducing myself at one of the schools.


One of my interests is calendar design, which I find to be a fun and interesting fusion of mathematics, computing, astronomy, psychology, history, and sociology. I’ve created a superior calendar for Earth called the Earthian Calendar, and possibly the best calendar ever designed for Mars, called the Utopian Calendar.

My Mars time-keeping work is mentioned here and here. The original version of the calendar was published on the Virtual Mars website (precursor to Martians and Solarian), and has kindly been archived by my friend Tom Gangale here and here.

Health and fitness

I’ve suffered from chronic mental illness from most of my life, including depression, generalised anxiety, social anxiety, borderline personality disorder, and substance-abuse disorder. I experience thought insertion almost constantly.

Even though this problem has significantly affected my life, I don’t talk about it much. However, I have developed a variety of effective coping mechanisms, and I’m recovering very quickly now. I will probably write a book about my experience with these issues and all I’ve learned.

I’m also a health and fitness enthusiast and a qualified personal trainer. I exercise most days, I eat a strict vegan diet high in raw, whole foods and low in sugar and grains, and I frequently fast (water only) for periods from 16 hours up to 3 or 4 days. My longest fast so far is 8 days.

I meditate, practice gratitude, and visualise daily.


I love to travel and can barely go three months without a trip somewhere. I went to 5 continents (all except Africa and Antarctica) in both 2016 and 2017, and have visited around 40 countries so far. My favourites include Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Colombia, England, Portugal, Spain, France, Italy, Monaco, Croatia, Czech Republic, Slovenia, the United States, and Canada.

By the end of the decade I hope to have visited every continent in the world, and by the end of my life, every country in the world, as well as the Moon and Mars.


I have sponsored from 1 to 3  kids at a time through World Vision for many years. However, these days a more important activity for me is sponsoring orphans in Africa. This gives me much greater bang for my buck because I can deal with them directly. I currently provide funds for food, clothing, and school fees to 38 kids in Kenya and 25 in Sierra Leone. When I do finally travel to Africa, I hope to meet them.

Social media

You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram and Quora.


I’ve made a lot of websites over the years, starting in about 1995. I wish they were all still online, but sadly many have been lost. Here at least are a few.

AscensionTek — my plan for a property development company, developed in 2007.

ICE — original website for the Institute for Colonisation and Exploration.

Silvergreen — concept for an ecovillage I want to build in the Samford Valley region west of Brisbane.

Mars Engineering — old bis-and-pieces website from 2001.

Martians — computer game concept now re-imagined as Solarian.


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